KL Megla Wellness Partition

The Wellness Partition system features an innovative look and is also available with our glass lighting system. Unlike its counterpart, the Icetec® Partition, which is made of high-grade stainless steel, the Wellness Partition fittings are made of solid German brass and feature a stainless steel finish. Designed to accommodate everything from changing rooms to high-end restrooms with Smart Glass, the Wellness Partition speaks for itself.

Features of the KL Megla Wellness Partition

  • For 3/8 in tempered glass
  • Max. lengths of carrier bar: 98 27/64 in


  • Folding sliding door out of high-quality aluminum/brass
  • Surface silver-colour anodized
  • Max. wall opening 62 63/64 x 98 27/64 in (# 92021) and 98 27/64 x 98 27/64 in (# 92001)
  • Max. weight per fitting set 220 lb or 352 lb
  • Magnets in the hinges make a zero-point adjustment possible at a closed position without further latches
  • Barrier-free folding sliding door without floor guide

also available for the use with megla® dynamic glass is the power-conducting FALTUS e