Emerald Restrooms

Emerald Restrooms are made using panels from Virtuon. Virtuon is manufactured using a process (including EBC technology) that has International BV has developed and patented. The result of this process is that the molecules are bound tightly to the surface. This proprietary EBC top layer gives the panel its easy-to-clean surface that is absolutely impervious to cleaning agents and disinfectants and can be maintained with minimum effort. Also, the closed surface and pore-free core are resistant to moisture, chemicals, disinfectants, impact and wear - helping to keep panels free of stains and blemishes for many years. Even in the most challenging of environments.

Features of the Emerald Restrooms

  • Colours & Textures: Highly taironctile, it is available in a wide range of brilliant standard colours, metallic finishes & texture – or it can be manufactured in special project colours with a choice of finishes.
  • Hygiene: Emerald Restrooms have an exceptional hygienic surface. The composition and the character of the exposed surface combine to create an impervious barrier which is hostile to moisture, dirt, stains and deleterious matter.
  • Environmental Considerations: Emerald Restrooms impact the environment less than alternative material.
  • Durability: Attractive, durable and safe, panels are able to withstand vandalism and graffiti over long period of time.
  • Saving, Effort & Money: Dirt or stains cannot penetrate the Virtous surface, making it difficult for matter to adhere or attach to the surface it actually repels water and stains. 
  • Easy to Clean: The resistant to the most aggressive cleaning agents, unlike the tradition melamine – based surface, which can be damaged by a variety of aggressive cleaning agents.


  • Long lasting
  • Wide color range
  • Easy to install
  • Ease to clean