Hawa Variotec 150GV & 150H

The HAWA-Variotec 150/GV & 150H is a hardware system with outstanding running properties around curved structures. Thanks to a trolley with 2-point suspension, glass sliding walls can be moved extremely quietly and smoothly along curved tracks. With its advanced technology, it is also regarded as unique among sliding hardware systems. Sliding revolving doors and sliding swinging doors can be integrated at any desired point. This system ensures that you can quickly and easily provide ideal complete solutions, including stationary glass for room separation.

Features of the Hawa Variotec 150GV & 150H

  • Modular system
  • Trolley with 2-point guide wheels
  • Progressive vertical adjustment: +6/-3 mm
  • Extremely smooth and quiet cornering
  • Elegant top-fixed suspension and glass retainer
  • Precision glazing
  • Minimum axis radius, 4000 mm
  • All components installed in profile
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Minimal space requirement in stacking area
  • Top track with facing
  • Fully tempered monolithic glass: 10/12/12.7 mm
  • Fully tempered laminated glass: 10,8,13 mm


This hardware system is suitable for use wherever high quality, elegance and quiet operation are called for, e.g. in shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, banks, airports, railway stations, industrial premises, winter garden, administrative buildings, etc.