Hawa Puro 100-150

HAWA-Puro 100–150: fascinating aesthetic appeal, smooth and easy sliding, and exemplary ease of installation. There are many reasons why sliding solutions incorporating HAWA-Puro are so pleasing. High-quality ball bearing technology built into the system’s trolleys allows you to slide doors weighing up to 150 kg (330 lbs.) smoothly and quietly along anodised top tracks. And assembly is made simple by benefits such as punctiform, rattle-proof, floor-mounted guides, centric glass suspension and the new, patent-pending wedge suspension. A further plus is removable additional profiles for quick and easy dressing and integration of fixed elements made of glass, wood or other materials.

Features of the Hawa Puro 100-150

  • Maximum door weight 4-wheels, 100 kg (220 lbs.)
  • Maximum door weight 6-wheels, 150 kg (330 lbs.)
  • Minimum door width 750 mm
  • Trolleys with high-quality ball bearing technology
  • Glass retention and wedge suspension technology integrated in the top track
  • Can be combined with inset profile system HAWA-Adapto 100–150/P
  • Ceiling joint profiles for suspended lightweight ceilings
  • Form-fitting suspension of glass doors in the slide axis
  • Additional profiles removable from below
  • Glass thickness sliding door
  • ESG: Toughened safety glass 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm (12.7 mm)
  • VSG: Laminated safety glass 8.7 - 12.7 mm
  • Glass thickness stationary glass
  • ESG/VSG: 8-12 mm (with silicone up to 13 mm)


Wherever glass/glass or glass/wood combinations are used as room partitioning and design elements, not only in hotels, restaurants, conference rooms and administration buildings, but also for private interior design, especially in lofts with suspended ceilings.

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