Hawa Multifold

With the HAWA-Multifold 30, two cabinets/wardrobe doors can be folded as panel pairs and moved to and fro. The number of panel pairs is not limited. Several pairs of panels can be joined using an adapter. Cabinet designs can incorporate inlaying, semi-overlaying and overlaying cabinet doors. The side panels, top, bottom and shelves are all the same width. The cupboard interior space is not restricted by any protruding hardware elements. A horizontal brush seal in the top track and bottom guide channel protects against dust and deadens impact noise. For the centre groove a rubber seal can be used which protects the cupboard interior and hinges against dust. The panel pairs can be locked with a furniture bar bolt lock. The hardware system is also suitable for fixing the panels on the side.

Features of the Hawa Multifold

  • Maximum panel weight 30 kg (66 lbs.), panel pair 60 kg (132 lbs.)
  • Maximum panel heights 2600 mm
  • Panel widths - free slideable, 200 - 500 mm
  • Panel widths - side hinged, 200 - 650 mm
  • Panel thicknesses 19 - 25 mm
  • Vertical groove width 3 - 5 mm
  • Vertical adjustment +/- 2 mm


This hardware system is suitable for use in interior design and furniture manufacturing wherever quality and simple operation with extremely smooth and stable running is required, e.g. interiors, hotels, etc.