Hawa Junior 80-120-160-250 H

A master at sliding wood doors smoothly and elegantly: HAWA-Junior 80 –250/B. This trend-setting hardware system has a suspension unit discreetly integrated into the suspension profile. The benefit to you is a very small installation height – the joint between door and top track is just 6 – 8 mm ( 1–"– 5–"). HAWA-Junior 80 and 120/B take things a step further, allowing the door to reach the ceiling with no gap at all. An assembly wedge makes sure no screws get in the way between top track and door.

Features of the Hawa Junior 80-120-160-250 H

  • High-quality, smoth-running sliding technology, proved   milli fld.
  • Suspensin profile with suspension unit integrated in the door for minimum installation height.
  • HAWA-Junir 80/B  and 120 /H with assembly wedge fr sliding doors that run seamlessly along the ceiling.
  • Convenient operation thanks to an adjustable stop bumper, adaptable to suit the door weight.
  • High-quality andised top tracks.
  • Rattle-proof floor guide prevents any rattling caused by operation and draught.
  • Based on standard components, therefore simple to store.
  • Extensive accessories and a vast variety of possible applications.