Hawa Junior 80-120-160-250 G

It is now possible to make moving even large-surface all-glass doors as light and elegant as they look. This is because the HAWA-Junior 80–250/G, which incor- porates the high-quality HAWA-Junior technology proven millionfold around the world, lets doors weighing up to 250 kg (550 lbs.) run as smoothly as a dream. Technically perfect room partitions with aesthetic appeal are now possible in virtually any situation – in shop-fitting and gastronomy just as in banks, offices and private buildings. All the more so considering the excellent looks of the hardware’s simple, filigree profile and invisibly integrated technology. And its low installation height leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to fitting.

Features of the Hawa Junior 80-120-160-250 G

High-quality, smooth-running sliding technology, proved milli fold.

Suspension profile with suspension unit integrated in the door for minimum installation height.

HAWA-Junior 80/B and 120 /H with assembly wedge for sliding doors that run seamlessly along the ceiling.

Convenient operation thanks to an adjustable stop bumper, adaptable to suit the door weight.

High-quality anodised top tracks.

Rattle-proof floor guide prevents any rattling caused by operation and draught.

Based on standard components, therefore simple to store.

Extensive accessories and a vast variety of possible applications.



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