HAWA-Junior 40 – 80/GL

HAWA-Junior 40-80/GL with plain anodized or stainless steel effect cover plates, top tracks an angle profiles fits in well with any contemporary sitting. It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution that is also highly reliable, thanks to tried an tested HAWA-Junior moving parts. Down at floor level, rattle-proof bottom guides ensure quiet running and keep doors steady in the presence of draughts. HAWA-Junior 40-80/GL hardware is easey to install and absolutely dependable. The dry glazing system requires simple drilling in the glass. The positive fitting glass fixing (patented) ensures lasting reliability in use, even under maximum load. Aluminium cover plates for the slim glass retention profile fit easily, using rubber clips.

Features of the HAWA-Junior 40 – 80/GL

•    Maximum door weight 40-80 kg (88/176 lbs.)
•    Maximum door width 1200 mm
•    Glass thickness sliding door
fully tempered monolithic glass: 8/9,5/10 mm
•    Glass thickness fixed glass
fully tempered monolithic glass: 8–12 mm (with silicone up to 13 mm)
fully tempered laminated glass: 8–12 mm (with silicone up to 13 mm)
•    Profile height 65 mm
•    Positive-fitting glass fixing for maximum safety and reliability
•    Gentle, quiet running
•    Track stop with adjustable retainer
•    Vertical adjustment without removing the glass door
•    Cover plates in various anodised finishes
•    Rattle proof floor guide for glass sliding doors
•    Simple installations
•    Can be combined with HAWA-Toplock and wall joint profile, and HAWA-Junior ange profile for wall fixing


Wherever rooms need closing with unobtrusive, reliable all-glass sliding doors at optimum price/performance, e.g. in hotels, restaurants, conference roooms, airports, office buildings, or even private residential interiors and outdoor applications.

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