Hawa Junior 40-80-120-160/GP

The HAWA-Junior 40-80-120-160/GP is an attractive addition to the highly successful HAWA-Junior family. With its clever glass attachment and guide mechanism, this sophisticated hardware system opens up new dimensions in the field of transparent room design for architects and planners. It is remarkably simple to install: the suspension is fitted from the interior, thus providing protection against break-ins, and the countersunk suspension bolt permits an especially low installation height. It is also extremely simple to adjust the position of the glass sliding door since the vertical adjustment can be carried out from the interior.

Features of the Hawa Junior 40-80-120-160/GP

•    Two-wheeled trolley, with plasic wheels
•    Smooth and quiet operation
•    Track stop with adjustable retainer
•    Vertical adjustment without removing the glass door
•    Low installation height
•    Cover in rounded or square and in different colours
•    Special floor guide, screw mounting, rattle proof, for glass sliding doors
•    Further profiles allow stationary glass to be fitted without the hardware being visible
•    Glass thickness sliding door
fully tempered monolithic glass: 8/10/12/12,7 mm
fully tempered laminated glass: 8,7–12,7 mm
•    Glass thickness fixed glass
fully tempered monolithic glass: 8–12 mm (with silicone up to 13 mm)
fully tempered laminated glass: 8–12 mm (with silicone up to 13 mm)


HAWA-Junior 80 set including a soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80

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