Hawa Aperto 60/GL & 60/H

HAWA-Aperto 60/GL addresses the need for flexible, open room design. Specially developed for lightweight glass partitions, the system fits in perfectly with contemporary architectural design. Cover profiles are available in various finishes, protected by a removable foil. HAWA-Aperto 60/GL is easy to plan and install, thanks to its sophisticated engineering and straightforward component structure. This avoids customer-tailored manufacturing for standard partitions.
Hawa recommends using a bottom guide channel for ultimate ease of operation. However, installations without floor guides are also possible.

Features of the Hawa Aperto 60/GL & 60/H

•    Maximum door weight 60 kg (132 lbs.)
•    Stacking area accommodates up to 9 door panels incl. pivot door
•    Profile height 65 mm
•    Door thickness, fully tempered monolithic glass 8/9,5/10 mm
•    Minimum door width 500 mm
•    Maximum door width (stacking parallel to the slide axis)
-    Sliding door: 1100 mm
-    Pivot door: 1200 mm
•    Maximum door width (stacking 90° to the slide axis)
-    Sliding door and pivot door: 950 mm
•    Maximum door height 2600 mm
•    Height adjustment ± 3 mm
•    Centre stop with progressively adjustable retention spring catch
•    Top tracks and bottom guide channels: alu plain anodized
•    Complete, harmonious solution thanks to stationary glass set
•    Comprehensive planning and assembly instructions


For partitions and screens wherever individual, changeable space division is required in rooms. With its minimal fitting dimensions and modest stacking space requirements, retrofitting HAWA-Aperto 60/GL in existing rooms is also no problem. The system also makes for easier, cheaper realisation of ceiling to counter-top partitions.