HAWA-220 Planfront 70

The HAWA-220 Planfront 70 offers countless interior design possi- bilities. Sliding elements may be flush-mounted to a wainscot or cupboard. Projection screens or media walls may be hidden away with- out the slightest difficulty. The sliding doors can be moved parallel behind a fixed front. The doors can be locked using a standard bar bolt lock. The sliding elements run in the top track and are guided in a bottom guide channel.

Features of the HAWA-220 Planfront 70

  • Maximum sliding door weight, 70 kg (154 lbs.)
  • Door widths 400 mm - 1500 mm
  • Door thicknesses 19 mm - 45 mm


This hardware system is suitable for use wherever it is required to flush-mount cabinet fronts or wainscots for aesthetic or practical reasons, e.g. in apartments and houses, schoolhouses, conference rooms, etc., and in the industrial and administration sectors.

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