Acoustic Wooden Fire Door

Doors & Doors India Pvt. Ltd., brings you Acoustic Wooden Fire Doors, which provides you with a multifunctional product i.e. a combination of fire as well as sound retardant properties. The construction of the wooden fire door with sound retardant properties are the same as that of a Standard Wooden Fire Door with the addition of an Automatic Drop Seal and Silicon Self Adhesive Seals on the sides of the panel.

Features of the Acoustic Wooden Fire Door

Acoustic Wooden Fire Door Test Procedure

The test was carried in a reverberation chamber as per ASTM E-90/ ISO 10140- 2 standards at temperature 26 C and humidity 55%.

Mercury Acoustic and Fire Door – 120 mins is 39dB and RW is 39.
Mercury Acoustic and Fire Door – 60 mins is 36dB and RW is 36


  • A fire door is a type of door, or closure used as a passive fire protection item within buildings to prevent the spread of fire. It usually is the only means of allowing people to pass through and or to escape. It provides critical insulation from fireside in the escape stairwell.
  • Designed to meet the life safety requirements in various types of buildings and structures that are compartmentalized to contain the spread of fire, these doors complement existing passive fire fighting systems.
  • The necessity of these doors is governed by national building codes as well as directive of local fire fighting and municipal authorities. These doors in general are certified for 30,60,90 and 120 minute, fire rating.
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