Renson Fixvent Mono Akevo & Fixscreen Mono Akevo

RENSON® offers with the Fixvent® and Fixscreen® Mono AKEVO an aesthetic and comfortable solution that is windproof sun protection, insect protection and - for the Fixvent® - also combines ventilation. Both products can be combined with each other within the same project as within the same space thanks to their same "look & feel". They can be placed easily and smoothly on all window depths of 50-215 mm, whereby an easy (dis) assembly of the fabric roller is guaranteed by the patented Connect & Go® s Click & Safe® technology. Both the cabinet and the cloth meet a high stability and strength. On the one hand, official tests (according to STS52.0 standard) with high wind load on the window, only minimal deformation of the cabinet. On the other hand, the Fixscreen® technology for a tight and windproof fabric up to 130 km / h. Thanks to the Smooth technology, which the zipper guides provided with a patented wear-resistant layer, the fabric moves up and down smoothly and silently.

Features of the Renson Fixvent Mono Akevo & Fixscreen Mono Akevo

  • High thermal comfort: strong U-values: up to 0.32 W / m²K (EXTREME version)
  • High visual comfort:- control of light incidence - maximum view from the inside to the outside, even with the fabric unrolled
  • High acoustic comfort: 
    different acoustic levels: a solution for every situation
    - Fixvent® Mono AKEVO
    - standard version: up to 40 (-1; -4) dB
    - ULTRA version: up to 45 (-1; -5) dB
    - EXTREME version: up to 48 (-2; -5) dB
    - Fixscreen® Mono AKEVO: up to 52 (-2; -5) dB
  • High aesthetic finish:
    - concealed installation with maximum respect for the architecture: installation on aluminum, wood, PVC and all window depths
    - hidden weld seam at the level of the bottom bar
    - also large canvas surfaces possible: up to 21 m² (Fixscreen® Mono AKEVO two-piece coupled with 2 motors)
  • High physical comfort (Fixvent® Mono AKEVO):
    - self-regulating flap: natural ventilation without drafts
    - air flow rate adjustable manually, with rod or motor control
    - incoming air is directed upwards: pleasant indoor climate
    = i-Flux® technology: optimal comfort, minimal energy loss


  • Windproof sun protection
  • Connect & Go technology
  • Fabric roller tube removable from inside
  • Wind guarantee up to 130 km/h
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Fast, safe and easy installation
  • Smooth, silent and durable operation
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