Solarux SL 60

Thermally insulated aluminium profile system consisting of top hung or bottom running (standard) sliding/ folding panels. Applications include balcony fenestration, conservatories, restaurants, street cafés, swimming pools enclosures, terrace glazing and residential façades.

The SL 60 folding system has fixed and tilt-turn elements as part of its suite. The panels can be folded inwards or outwards (bi-folding). A separately operated entry/ exit door can be integrated.

Features of the Solarux SL 60

Complies with ‘Guidelines for the Verification of the Stability of Metal/ Synthetic Combined Profiles’ (DIBt).
Air permeability to EN 12 207. Class 4.
Climatic stress to DIN 18 055: Group C.
Water tightness to EN 12 208: Class E1200.
Windloading to EN 12 210: Class 4B.
The profile system is equipped with multi-chamber insulating cells at the perimeter to meet thermal performance requirements of the EnEV (German Energy Efficiency regulations). Thermal transmission of the aluminium profiles is 2.6 W/m²K, in accordance with DIN V 4108-4:2002-02.