Schueco ASE 60

Thermally insulated aluminium sliding system with a basic depth of 60 mm Schüco ASE 60 system platform - highly thermally insulated, modular sliding and lift-and-slide system with either 140 mm or 220 mm (ASE 60) frame basic depth with maximum transparency and light penetration.

Features of the Schueco ASE 60

  • New sliding generation based on a modular profile and fittings system (ASE = Aluminium Sliding Element)
  • Modular fittings system can be used as both lift-and-slide fittings and sliding fittings
  • Double split vent to reduce the bimetallic effect; also possible in combination with RC 2
  • New Design Line fittings option with locking pins in the vent frame
  • Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN 12207 classification: 4
  • Watertightness in accordance with DIN EN 12208 classification, test procedure A: 9A
  • Resistance to wind load in accordance with DIN EN 12210 classification: C5 / B5
  • Sound reduction of units in accordance with VDI guideline 2719 sound reduction class:
  • weighted sound reduction index and spectrum adjustment values Rw (C;Ctr): 45 dB