RP Technik Add On Curtain Wall System

RP Technik add-on curtain wall systems, convincing due to Diversity and attractive Design.
Face widths of 50, 55, 60 an 80 mm realisable
vertical and polygonal execution
heated curtain wall
well engineered connection types

Features of the RP Technik Add On Curtain Wall System

Variable add-on curtain wall system with an elevation width of 50 mm
Vertical and polygonal curtain walls and roof glazing with roof inclination of 0°
Heated curtain walls
Advanced connection techniques
Thermal transmission coefficient (Uf) of 0,7 W/m2K, meets Passive House standards
VI-plus panel as innovative insulating element
3-Level gasket system
Modular system structure for greater ease of use
Nail fastening system
Hilti sheet metal nail technology
MAG plug welding
Optional glazing with RP-tec VARIO possible


RP-tec 50-1 / 50-1 plus / RP-tec 55-1 / 55-1 plus 
Wind load
Air permeability
Rain permeability
Thermal insulation
Impact resistance
Burglar resistant
Sound insulation

RP-tec 55-1 / 55-1 plus - Bulletpro

RP-tec 60-1
Wind load
Air permeability
Rain permeability
Impact resistance
Sound insulation

RP-tec 80-1
Sound insulation