Solarlux SL 35 Folding Glass Door

The SL 35 folding glass door is a non-heat-insulated aluminium folding glass door. Whether used as balcony glazing or as a vertical element with a glass canopy, the SL 35 brightens up your living space. State-of-the-art technology maximises ease of operation.
External window panes are convenient to clean from the inside – simply pull out the hinge pins.
Recessed carriages made of high-quality materials guarantee smooth, quiet sliding of the folding glass door.

Features of the Solarlux SL 35 Folding Glass Door

  • 35 mm installation depth
  • Recessed floor track without limit stop available for barrier-free living
  • Can be combined with standard SL 45 window system: turn-and-tilt, fixed elements
  • Two circumferential sealing systems ensure high impermeability to wind and rain
  • Low wear and tear – even after 10,000 operations
  • High stability due to tongue and groove connection and stable angle joints
  • No protruding slide and guide tracks
  • Vertical: double EPDM seals; horizontal: double brush seals with PE bar
  • Max. panel sizes
  • 900 x 2200 mm
  • 700 x 2500 mm
  • Panel weight up to 65 kg
  • Special sizes on request