Perfecto Tilt And Slide Patio Doors

Prefecto U-PVC System for door & windows are a clever investment into future. They possess outstanding quality characteristics you can count on. The systems flexibility allows you to fulfil your individual need and wishes perfectly . They already comply today with the necessities of tomorrow.

Features of the Perfecto Tilt And Slide Patio Doors

An outstanding new range of Door in U-PVC System

  • Tilt and Slide Patio Doors
  • French Windows & Doors
  • Sliding Windows & Doors



Perfecto U-PVC system reflects the impeccable quality and finish that is associated with the German masterpiece. Ideal for all those who are simply not prepared to compromise neither on technology nor appearance.

Along with security and a pleasant atmosphere, the Perfecto U-PVC boasts of modern style and attractive optics that work as essential style elements for you space.

Material Properties
German U-PVC compound is an impact modified unplasticised PVC extrusion compound having high impact strength complying with BS7413 :1991

mpact Strength
Profiles extruded from German U-PVC Compound are outstanding for their resistance to fracturing which is particularly evident at temperatures below 0° C.

Weather Resistance and Colour Stability
German U-PVC profiles have outstanding weather resistance and colour stability. These important characteristics have been confirmed by more than twenty five years of actual use. German U-PVC profiles also possess high resistance to the various pollutant effects of an industrial atmosphere.