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Renson Screen Roofs

Renson Screen Roofs


Regardless of the weather, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The garden is no longer separate from the house, both form one whole. This makes us also yearn for more atmosphere, comfort and optimal joie de vivre while being outdoors. Being outside becomes living outside! 

This is why RENSON developed the Healthy Outdoor Concept.

  • The flow of fresh air and protection from the rain and wind provides physical comfort,
  • The protection from the sun and wind keeps the space from getting too hot or too cold, thus guaranteeing ambient  comfort,
  • The front and sides can be closed off by means of moveable, transparent elements, thus providing comfort through visual contact with the surrounding area.

  With many years of experience in sun protection screens and ventilation, RENSON is lifting the outdoor space to a higher level. Through the proper application of techniques and innovative products, you can also enjoy your garden during the inter-mediate seasons


Features of the Renson Screen Roofs


Minimalistic terrace covering with waterproof, windproof and sun protection screen roof, with an open, panoramic view.


Terrace covering made of an innovative, waterproof, transparent fabric in the roof structure with integrated side elements. The perfect cocoon.


New type of terrace covering with a folding roof built using patented technology, with invisible ,integrated side elements, making it ideal for large areas.



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