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Hawa Junior 40-80-120-160 GP


The HAWA-Junior 40–160/GP fulfills every optical, technical and quality-related requirement one could demand from sliding hardware. It easily moves heavy- weights of up to 160 kg (352 lbs.) with silent smoothness. It does not require a cover and, with plain anodized or stainless steel-look top tracks and cover plates in various forms and colours, it ties in well with any architectural style. The top end is characterised by a low installation height, whilst down below rattle-proof floor guides prevent any undesirable rattling noise. And the form-fitting con- nection of glass and hardware guarantee that the glass is held securely in place. The HAWA-Junior 40–160/GP is nonetheless easy to assemble, saving both  time and money.


Features of the Hawa Junior 40-80-120-160 GP

  • Tandem roller corrosion-proof trolleys with sliding bearings for optimum running smoothness.
  • Cover plates in a stainless steel,chrome or brass look, or untreated,ready for painting on site.
  • Top tracks and angled profile in a stainless steel and look, plain anodized, or untreated, ready for painting on site.
  • High degree of comfort thanks to a stop bumper,adjustable to suit the door weight.
  • Top track with retainer profile for stationary glass. Suspension burglar-proof thanks to inside mount.
  • Both toughened safety glass (ESG)  and laminated safety glass (VSG) can be used.
  • Rattle-proof floor guides prevent rattling caused by drafts.
  • Clip-on or glue-on floor guides with a height of 4.5 mm ( 3") give wide doors more stability.
  • Based on standard Hawa  components, simplifying storage and logistics.
  • Large range of accessories.


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