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Reynaers CS38 SL

Reynaers CS38 SL


Concept System® 38-SL is a thermally insulated system for inward and outward opening windows and doors that combines elegant design, stability and ease in production. The system’s austere style and  slender contours on the outside give it a steel look & feel. 
As such, CS 38-SL is the perfect solution for both new-build constructions and the replacement of steel-framed windows, respecting the original design but offering a thermally improved solution.  The minimal-istic design is reinforced by an invisible drainage system, avoiding the use of drainage caps on the outside of the windows. 
The CS 38-SL is available as single and double entrance doors. Combined with a reduced threshold, the CS 38-SL doors provide a comfortable solution with high levels of water- and air tightness. 

Features of the Reynaers CS38 SL

  • Min. visible width inward opening window Frame 33 mm / Vent 23 mm
  • Min. visible width outward opening window Frame 29 mm / Vent 60 mm
  • Min. visible width inward opening window-door Frame 33 mm / Vent 53 mm
  • Min. visible width outward opening window-door Frame 29 mm / Vent 82 mm
  • Min. visible width T-profile 48 mm
  • Overall system depth window Frame 90 mm / Vent 76 mm
  • Rebate height 14 mm
  • Glass thickness up to 44 mm
  • Glazing method dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones
  • Thermal insulation omega-shaped fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips (frame 23 mm – vent 22 
  • High Insulation variant (HI) available



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