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Uni One - Standard (Wood and Aluminum)

Uni One - Standard (Wood and Aluminum) Window


uni_one Standard’s design is always up-to-date: its elegance and neutrality come from its simple yet rigorous lines, which fit perfectly in every architectural context, from contemporary to restoration.

uni_one Bronze is made from a special brass alloy, known as “architectural bronze”, which does not require any surface protection or maintenance. The patina that forms naturally over time is the best and most hard-wearing protection, ensuring exceptional durability for the window.


Features of the Uni One - Standard (Wood and Aluminum)

  • Material : Wood-Aluminium
  • Thermal insulation : Uw= 1,2 W(m2K)
  • Acoustic insulation : up to 41 Rw (dB)
  • Insulating glass : double glazing, thickness 28/32mm
  • Thickness of sash : 81,5 x 70 mm
  • Thickness of frame : 77,5 x 70 mm
  • Section sash + frame : 106 mm
  • Section of intersection 2 sashes : 145,5 mm
  • Types of opening : Fixed, Doors and windows with sash/wing, Transom window, Parallel sliding window, Lift and slide window, Horizontal pivot hinge, Entry gate with inward opening, Outward opening doors



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