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Reynaers CS 59Pa

Reynaers CS 59PA - Tilt & Slide Patio Doors


CS 59Pa offers an extensive range of non-insulated profiles for the construction of elegant and moderately priced aluminium frames in functional style. Therefore CS 59Pa is the ideal system for outdoor applications in warm climates but it can also be used for the partitioning of indoor office spaces.
The system is available in inward and outward opening windows, inward and outward opening flush doors and in the Renaissance design variant.

Features of the Reynaers CS 59Pa

  • Min. visible width inward opening window:
  • -Frame: 49 mm
  • -Vent: 31 mm
  • Min. visible width outward opening window:
  • -Frame: 19.5 mm
  • -Vent: 89 mm
  • Min. visible width inward opening flush door:
  • -Frame: 61.5 mm
  • -Vent: 72.5 mm
  • Min. visible width outward opening flush door:
  • -Frame: 36.5 mm
  • -Vent: 97.5 mm
  • Burglar resistance: WK 2 (ENV 1627 – ENV 1630)



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